Cocktail Recipes and Other Wisdom From Our Resident Booze Wizard.

Although he lives near to Glen Dye, Sandy Kenneway is a long time supporter of The Good Life Experience. And in 2019 we started working with him to curate our drinks offer at Camp Glen Dye. Sandy knows his stuff and mixes a casual charisma with deep knowledge. This September he travelled from Glen Dye to Hawarden to host masterclasses and tastings on behalf of Glen Dye at The Good Life Experience. Many of you asked for his recipes and tasting notes and so, In Sandy’s words, here they are.

Camp Glen Dye x The Good Life Experience.
Campfire Drinks by Sandy Kenneway.
Created in a field in Flintshire on Saturday September 14th 2019.

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Beer - lini

Torr Mountain Lager, House made Fermented Peach Cordial, Soda.

The humble shandy is probably the fist cocktail you ever had. Simple, delightful and refreshing on any Summers day. Reinvented here with the addition of a fermented peach cordial, combining the crisp, clean flavours of lager with funky fruit notes which move the drink towards the cocktail classic that is a Bellini.

Prepare the cordial;
Cut 1 & ½ peaches (the riper the better) into quarters and add, stone and all to a Kilner jar.
Top up with water, leaving around 5cm headspace.
Add 3g of brewer’s yeast, and cover with muslin secured by an elastic band.
Place the jar in a warm, dry place for 5-7 days.
Start to taste it daily and once you notice a reduction in sweetness and just a hint of vinegar strain with a coffee filter and discard (or compost) the solids.
Weigh the strained juice and add 70% of this weight in caster sugar.
Stir until the sugar has all dissolved and add Malic acid (bought from your local homebrew store, or Amazon).
Do this slowly and in tiny amounts, tasting until you are happy with the taste and bottle.
This can now be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

25ml Fermented Peach Cordial
75ml Chilled Soda Water
100ml Chilled Torr Mountain Lager
Build in a highball glass and stir gently.

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Affa Funcy G&T

Gin, house made grapefruit cordial, bitters, floral botanic fizz.

The G&T is the world’s favourite cocktail, and with good reason; simple and easily made at home. Here we ramp it up with an injection of bright grapefruit and balance this with a Mediterranean herbal edge.

Prepare a grapefruit oleo sacrum;
Take the skin off 2 grapefruit with a y-peeler. Add to a bowl and muddle with 100g caster sugar.
Cover and leave for a minimum of 2 hours, but overnight is preferable.
Once the sugar has done its job and extracted the oils (you will have a thick liquid and peel in the bowl now), juice the fruit, add to the mixture and warm gently in a saucepan (don’t boil) until all the sugar has dissolved.
Allow to cool, run through a tea strainer/sieve and bottle. This will keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks and is great as a cordial when mixed with soda.

60ml gin
20ml Grapefruit oleo sacrum
2 dashes Dr. Adam Elmegirab Orinoco Bitters
Build in highball glass ½ filled with ice.
Stir and top with ice.
Fill highball glass with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
Garnish –grapefruit twist.

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Sweetdram Escubac

“Gin is the Coldplay of booze”

Everyone and their granny seems to be making gin these days. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s just a little repetitive and dull… (It’s OK to admit they all kind of taste the same too)! Not so here… Sweetdram have taken the essence of gin making – a white, neutral spirit is infused with herbs and spices by way of distillation in a copper still – but there is no Juniper, and hence, this is not a gin!

In their words; [Escubac is a] “spicy, citrusy, juniper-free botanical spirit distilled on copper then infused with raisins, vanilla and saffron.”

In mine; just drink it. It’s delicious, different and may just be the future! Ideal for all modern drinkers suffering from gin fatigue. Sweetdram dare to be different, but eschew the wacky and the zany, carving their own path with flavour and innovation central to all they do.

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Photo by Polly’s Dynamic Pictures

Whisky Cream Soda

Whisky, lemon, vanilla.

Essentially a milk punch; a process for clarifying and softening the harder elements of any booze. This silky, refreshing and satisfying drinks can convert even the most ardent non-whisky drinking drinkers to the grace and charm of Scotland’s best loved export. You’re jumping in at the deep-end with this cocktail, as it needs prepped the day before, but it’s fairly easy, and keeps for 12 months in the bottle.

Here goes;
Mix 300ml whisky and 100ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (unstrained, pips and all) in a bowl.
Put 150ml full fat milk in another, bigger bowl.
Add the whisky/lemon to the milk. It curdles - that’s cool. It's what it's supposed to do.
Cover it with cling and fridge it for 2 hours minimum.
Strain through a coffee filter. It's slow. I often do this overnight in the fridge.
If not clear enough, repeat (but I’ve never had to do this. I use melita 1x4 coffee filters from Tesco)
Throw away the curds.
To the liquid, add 200g sugar, 1ml/dash vanilla extract, 4g/1/2 tsp citric acid (Amazon is your friend) and 100ml whisky.
Mix until dissolved and bottle.

50ml Whisky Milk Punch
100ml Chilled Soda Water
Build in highball glass ½ filled with ice.
Stir and top with ice.
Garnish – lemon wedge.

I’ve been using Famous Grouse port cask from Costco. It’s £20 for a litre, but any decent whisky will do, just not top shelf stuff as the milk washing strips flavour and tannins.

Photo y Heather Birnie

Photo y Heather Birnie

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