Eight Really Good Things About Autumn at Glen Dye.

Photo by Sightseers

Photo by Sightseers

1. Thick rows of gold larch needles lining the side of the road. Most drivers might not notice these but their cars push the needles to the side and man and nature come together to create near perfect, luminous art.

2. The smell of woodfire smoke on damp evening air.

3. The Northern Lights with early frosts. Not a common sight but magic, nonetheless.

4. High, determined skeins of geese, endlessly chatting to each other in order to remain in formation as they head to warmer climes.

5. Making rowanberry jelly. Who first discovered that you can eat these berries when cooked but not raw?

6. Chanterelles under beech trees. It’s good to look for them, even if you don’t find them. But you probably will.

7. Foggy dawns that arrive later than they should.

8. The mixed neons of perfect mixed woodland.

Tom Cronk