Joy! Creativity! Light! Beauty! Wilderness! 

Earlier this year we broadcast a 12 hour continuous radio show from the banks of the River Dye. It was a celebration of the solstice and everything good that our community has to offer.

We’ve now turned the broadcast into a podcast.
Series one is available weekly on all major podcast streaming platforms from 17th November 2023.

Hosted by Steve Chapman and Jo Wood. 

Hosted by artists and friends of Glen Dye, Steve Chapman and Jo Wood, the podcast episodes will champion the sounds of our glen: its nature, its culture and its people.

We’ll also hear from other far flung, remote and beautiful locations from the Scottish Highlands and Islands to the antipodes.
Expect captivating interviews, great music, wild sounds, food, folklore, poetry and craft.
Dip in, dip out. Listen to every episode.
Let Glen Dye be the soundtrack, wherever you are.

Available on Spotify and all other podcast platforms.
Listen here